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Pushing his hand, by foxfire (NC17) Very!!!!!

Scully wants Mulder to realise something and act on it.

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Date: 20 Sep 2001 00:50:49 -0000
Subject: Pushing His Hand by FoxFireX
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Title:  Pushing His Hand
Author:  FoxfireX
Classification:  MSR
Rating:  NC-17 baby, you've been warned.
Disclaimer:  No matter how hard I try to fool myself,
Moose and Squirrel still do not belong to me.
Spoilers:  Maybe teeny ones for the movie
Author's note:  For the finest Smut-phile I have had the pleasure to meet, this one is for you, Cella, because you asked so nicely ;)
Friday, February 20
Mulder was going to be angry.
Ok, Mulder was going to be very, very, angry. Scully sighed.  Oh hell.  Mulder was going to be more pissed off than he had probably ever been at her. 
Is that why she did it?  A little voice in the back of her mind posed the question.  An even smaller voice way in the back, nearing the fire exit of her mind answered.  You bet.
The years behind them solidified their relationship to the point of bonding them to each other indefinitely.  That was very important to her, but it was also driving her to the brink of madness.  The only man she could ever
imagine herself  spending the rest of her life with, her best and closest friend, didn't have a clue how she felt. 
He knew she loved him.
That was the easy part.  Letting him know that he was the "one", now that was a completely different matter.  He was attracted to her, she was sure of it, but he was so
intent on not changing the dynamics of their friendship and working relationship that he would not act upon it. 
He had *almost* kissed her.
Out of desperation.
That didn't help.
They were healed and rested from their activities in Antarctica.  They were working steadily, like they had before the X Files were closed.  They never mentioned *it*.  But, it was time.  Time to get her feelings out in the open, and make him face his.  For better or worse.  Either he would be hers for eternity, or he would decline a relationship with her politely. 
She knew this little act of defiance would spark  a reaction, one way or another.  What she should have known, is that she would pay a price for going alone, for ditching him. For pushing his hand.
Basement office
J. Edgar Hoover Building
Monday, February 16
"You did what?"  His tone was incredulous, but not angry or sharp.  Yet.
"I accepted a chance to be loaned out for an assignment with the VCU.  It's only one case, and its a favor for a friend. I know, the last time I did a favor for a friend in violent crimes, it turned out badly, but this is different.  Lorna was my friend at the academy, the only female one I had.  She needs some forensic advice, by someone
not looking to further their own career at the expense of hers."
"Well, good luck then.  When do you start?" So far, so good.
"I report in the morning."
"Where."  He was shuffling files on top of his desk. A pure distraction tactic, as she knew he had no intention of filing anything.
"Um, I can't tell you.  I will be undercover."  That was sparking a reaction.
"Undercover?  And you can't tell me where, I'm your
partner."  He put the files down, pretense gone.
"I know, but I don't even know where I'm headed yet.  I haven't been briefed.  I won't be until I reach my
destination."  She turned to gather the files he had been
toying with, then walked to the file cabinet.
"You've got to be kidding."  He stood, eyes boring into hers, knowing she couldn't lie to his face.
"No, Mulder, I'm not.  I'll call you as soon as the arrest is made and let you know where I am.  I have to go pack." 
She turned to leave.  He wasn't going to stop her, she knew, but he wasn't happy, either.
"Sure.  Fine.  Whatever."  He punched the keys on his computer, looking for something, anything to avoid looking at her.  He expected her to stay, to try to soothe his agitation.  He was wrong.  She closed the file cabinet, picked up her purse and walked toward the door.
"Goodbye, Mulder.  I'll call you when I can."  She was gone.  He sat, staring at the blank monitor for a full five minutes, telling himself it really wasn't any of his business, and failing miserably.
Tuesday 11:00am
Restaurant of the Cherokees, Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Scully sat at a table surrounded by agents, some of them Caucasian, some Native American, to blend in with the surrounding populace. The Caucasian population was high enough in the area, that the small red head did not stand out.  They were being briefed on the case, and the suspect of a string of murders in the area.  Women were raped, murdered and dumped in the woods around, aptly named, Lake Tenkiller. 
The area was wooded and vast, difficult to cover.  Scully was not here to autopsy, as she had lead Mulder to believe, she was here to decoy. He didn't question why she was going undercover, yet offering forensic advise.  Chances are he didn't think it through at the time.
Obtaining assignments, the group disbursed.  Lorna and Scully went to their apartment near the local university campus. It was small, but twobedroom and clean.
Lorna towered over Scully, at 5'7" in her stocking feet.  She had short blond hair and a slender figure.  They had liked each other from their first meeting at the Academy, female companionship being scarce.
Over dinner that evening, they caught up on their careers,
and Lorna's sex life, Scully not having one to report.
"What about that gorgeous partner of yours, ever jump
him?"  You had to hand it to Lorna, she was direct.
"Nope.  Not once."  Scully took their dishes to the small 
"Why not?"  Lorna refilled their drinks, carrying them
into the living room to relax with the television.
"Not within the bounds of our professional relationship."
Scully answered dryly.
"Bounds, smounds, you are attracted to him, right?  Well
you must be, you are breathing and straight.  Life is short, Dana, you of all people should know that, with all of your near death experiences." Lorna could tell Dana was through with the subject, so she changed it.
"When are we going to cruise the town?"  Lorna tucked her long legs under her on the sofa.
"Tomorrow, I thought we'd make an appearance on campus, and be seen. You know you're getting old when they send you undercover as instructors, and not students."  Scully sat in a swivel rocker nearest the TV.
"Ah, we've never looked better, girl, and we're going to go out there and shake our fannies and catch us a killer, babe."  They both laughed a little unsteadily, neither of them relishing the thought.
Wednesday February 18
Northeastern State University
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Posing as staff was not proving to be difficult.  They simply walked the campus together, complaining about "their students", carrying props as necessary.  Later in the day they went to a local club near the campus, again, just to be seen.
The women that were taken were all from the school
campus, some faculty, some students.  All single, mid 40's and younger, and all living near the campus.  By Friday night, they were fairly certain that they had been seen in all the right places, and now were just waiting for any indication of a move. The surveillance was being led by the local bureau, and so far had remained unobtrusive.

Friday night
Scully and Lorna walked along a side street near the campus. The late hour guaranteed that the crowds were minimal. The surveillance vehicle was parked nearby, both women were armed.  They continued walking and talking, occasionally stopping to sit on a bench to give the impression of just passing the time. 
Neither of the women, nor the surveillance team noted two men watching the pair.  One, a large man with light hair and empty eyes, hovering at the corner of the Science building in the darkness, waiting.  The other, just as tall but lean, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, narrowed with intensity.
As the pair neared the corner of the building where the
first man waited, a hand snaked out of the darkness,
striking the woman closest to it, rendering Lorna unconscious at Scully's feet.  He was fast, but Scully was on alert, she jumped back and drew her gun.  "Federal Agent, I'm armed. Put your hands up and step out into the light."
She was having difficulty seeing him inthe shadows, and had a moment of fear that she was going to lose him.
She took a step closer, heard his footsteps beginning to recede, she was losing him in the dark.  She could hear
the surveillance agents drawing near.  Suddenly, there was a sound of a struggle and another voice,
"Federal Agent, don't even think about it."  Cuffs were applied and the suspect was being propelled toward her.
"Mulder.  I should be surprised.  Why am I not?"  She dropped to her knees to check on Lorna, now coming around. The surveillance team arrived, and called for an ambulance. They took possession of the suspect, and placed him in the waiting car, staying near until the ambulance showed up. 
Lorna was speaking by now, but her concussion she was
bound to have was going to land her in the hospital.
Scully began walking away, in the direction of the apartment. It was a few seconds before Mulder realized she was leaving.  He jogged to catch up with her.
"I can't believe you followed me."  Her voice was
surprisingly even.  She wasn't sure if she was angry,
or excited, and decided to get away from the scene until she figured it out.
"Why not?  Did you honestly think I'd buy that 'I'll call you' crap?"  He was definitely angry.  "You didn't tell me you were coming here as bait. Where are we going?"
"To the apartment I've been staying in.  I would rather
not have this conversation on the street."  He followed
her wordlessly, when the door closed behind them, she whirled on him.
"Ok, first of all, I did not tell you I was coming here as a decoy because you would have tried to talk me out of it.  Secondly I am a trained agent, you seem to keep forgetting that.  I can go out on assignment the same as a man, the same as you.  Third, you have no right to follow me, making demands for answers." 
Angry, she decided, she was angry, and maybe a little
turned on, too. He planted his hands on his hips and leaned over her, simultaneously invading her space, and attempting to intimidate her. Oh, yeah, he was as pissed as she'd ever seen him.  She was surprised she didn't burst into flames from his glare alone.
"I do NOT forget that you are a trained agent.  I respect
your ability. I do not, however, agree with your putting
yourself in danger on PURPOSE to prove your capable of doing your damn JOB."  He was shouting, he was shaking with rage, he could barely restrain himself from choking the life out of her.  How could she do this to him, did she think so little of him that she would purposely put herself in danger and not care how it affected him.  Didn't she know that he couldn't live without her?
"I was not trying to prove anything, Mulder, to you
or to myself about my abilities.  I was trying to get..."
oh, crap.  She didn't intend to go there. He advanced on her, and heaven help him when she took a step back it gave him satisfaction. 
Her eyes were snapping, her words clipped, he wouldn't be surprised if she didn't reach out and slap the shit out of him.  And he would have welcomed the contact.
"Get what?"  She deflated. 
 "Nothing, Mulder."  She backed up until the sofa hit her in the back of the knees.
"Get WHAT?" He roared at her.  He was out of control,
and he couldn't get it back.  He didn't want it back. 
"YOUR ATTENTION. Dammit Mulder. I was trying to see if you would give a shit if I left temporarily.  There,
are you happy?  Now you know, now you damn well deal with it."  She planted her hands on her hips, glaring again, thoughts of retreat gone from her head.
"What in the hell are you talking about?  I went to fucking Antarctica to save you.  I would crawl naked over broken glass to keep you with me. You mean more to me than any other fucking person on the planet.  And you had to do THIS to me?"  He grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her, but not as hard as he wanted to.
"To you....Mulder I never thought I was doing anything 'to' you."  She started to deflate again, what had she done?
"Of course you didn't.  You put yourself in the line of
fire, and it's not supposed to affect me."
"How would I know, Mulder?  Because you're a wellspring of emotional honesty?  You almost kiss me in your hallway, you trek to 'fucking Antarctica' as you put it to find me, then you retreat from me.  Emotionally and physically.  I'm in limbo, I'm confused, I'm lost, I don't know what to do about it, and I'm supposed to know how you feel. And that must be because I'm clairvoyant, or empathic, or whatever. Give me a break, Mulder, I can't read your mind." 
He pulled her to him roughly, her hands went to his
chest to catch herself. 
"Read this, damnit."  His mouth crashed down on hers, his teeth sinking into her bottom lip, in a moment of panic, she waited for him to bite down.  He did, but not hard enough to cause real pain, just enough to sink his teeth into their softness.  Her mouth fell open in a moan, and he released her lip to slide his tongue over hers. 
He felt himself begin to harden, and released her right shoulder to bring his hand down to the curve of her ass.  She was so small in his hands, he pulled her pelvis up, toward his own to crush her against his erection. Her hands slid off his cheek, arms wound around his neck,
hands digging in his hair, nails scraping at his scalp, his neck, the backs of his shoulders, whatever she could reach.
His left hand slid from her shoulder, stroking palm out toward the curve of her breast.  She arched her back, trying to push into his hand.  She was giving over
completely, and she didn't care.  She wanted him, and she was tired of waiting.
He slid her back down his body until she was standing on
her own, he pulled back slightly, grabbing the hem of
her shirt and pulling it over her head, releasing her lips long enough to pass.
His hands shot behind her, unclasping her bra with a quickness that she didn't really want to think about.  He
released her lips again, stepping back slightly to look at her. His eyes were dark, dilated with desire, his breathing sounded as ragged in her ears as her own.
With both hands he stroked from her shoulders to the tops of her breasts, flattened this hand so that the length of his fingers down  through the flat of his palm grazed over her nipples. Her head lolled back arching and baring
her throat, as she moaned his name. She moaned his name.  Holy shit.
Anger left him.  Desire swept him.  Desire and something else, something he had never felt with anyone else. What the hell was it? His hands slid down her ribcage, down to the narrowing of her waist, following the flare of her hips and resting there, on the waistband of her jeans.  His eyes shot to her nipples, left hardened by his hands and the cool air, his mouth descended, caught her right peak in his mouth and began to suck. 
Her hand twined further through his hair, her soft moans threatening to undo him.  He tugged and pulled at her nipple, keeping her upright by the grip he had on her hips.
His hands slid from her waist, to the backs of her legs,
spreading and lifting them until they were clasped around
his waist.  He popped her nipple out of his mouth and muttered "bedroom?", she pointed down the hall toward the door, her head lolling foreword to look at her wet nipple, flattened by his forceful suction.  He turned, and carried her toward the room, latching on to her neglected breast.  It was too much, she moaned in earnest, sure that she was soaking his waist through her jeans.
She didn't know how they got to the room so quickly, time was making no sense to her, before she knew it
he released her nipple and dropped her backward
onto the bed.  She landed flat on her back, her hair
spreading around her head.  She was panting, she
was flushed, she was ready, she was breathtaking.
With what little presence of mind he had left, he reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, pulling down the zipper, then grabbing both her jeans and her panties at the waist he tugged them down.  She lifted her hips up to let the material pass and then she was bare before him. She was naked.  Completely.  And conscious, unhurt, unfrozen,
aware of what was about to happen, and unafraid.  He
could name that emotion now. Possessiveness.  That was it.
She belonged to him.  Oh, sure, she had owned him, body, mind and soul for a long time, even if she didn't know it.  But now, now he had her.  All of her. Open, willing, and waiting for him to take her.
He had never felt like more of a man than he did at this moment. She would slap the shit out of him if he told her that.  The image made him smile.  He would keep that tidbit of information to himself for the time being.
"Happy with yourself, Agent Mulder?"  She asked softly, at his smile.  She couldn't help the smile dancing at the
corners of her own mouth.  He looked like the cat that ate
the canary.  Or, she hoped, was about to.
"You're more beautiful than I could have ever imagined." He rasped. "And I have a healthy imagination."  She
continued to watch him, waiting.  He finally slipped his
shirt off, then his pants followed closely by his boxers
and socks. Still he stood before her, his legs touching
her inner thighs where they were bent, allowing her lower legs and feet to dangle toward the floor. 
She allowed her eyes to travel down his frame, now bared to her.  His chest heaved slightly, with the quickness of his breathing.  She had always loved his chest, it was made to touch with its slight sculpted muscles and light sprinkling of hair.  She had seen him naked before, on several occasions, but never like this. He was awake, unhurt and aroused.  Oh boy was he aroused. 
Her brows wrinkled slightly, as her eyes came to rest on his engorged penis.  It had been far too long for her to take a man this large comfortably.
"Something wrong?"  His raspy voice brought her back to the present.  He looked at her as if he expected her to back out, to rip his heart out, to turn away from him as everyone else in his life had done. Her heart broke for him, as she quickly reassured him.
"No, no Mulder, of course not.  I was, um," she chuffed slightly, "I was thinking I'm going to be sore in the morning, as big as you are and as long as it's been for me."  She smiled brilliantly up at him, stilling his heart
with her beauty.  This was going to happen, he was going
to make love to her. 
He lowered himself over her, bracing his left arm above
her on the bed, wrapping his right around her waist and pulling her upwards so her legs were all the way on the bed.  The feel of her softness under him was pushing him toward the edge, and she hadn't even touched him since he undressed.  He kissed the column of her throat, biting slightly, leaving faint marks on her white skin as he made his way down her breast bone, deviating to nip at each peak of her breasts, causing her to arch under him.  Her leg was  pressing on his erection, the friction making it hard for him to concentrate on his destination.
He continued on down the slope of her torso, nipping at her belly button, down the slight roundness of her stomach.  She hissed as he bit down on the underside of her tiny belly, encouraged, he traveled on.  He kissed the
ridge of her pubic bone, feeling her coarse hairs tickle
his chin.
As he moved lower, to bury his nose in her curls, all movement and sounds from her stopped.  She became frozen, waiting for him to touch where she needed him to go. He inhaled her scent, knowing it would intoxicate
him, as it did in his imagination every night that he spent dreaming of her.  He opened her legs further to allow
him room, and let his lips brush her hooded clit. She released the breath she  was holding on a moan.
 "Ohhhh Muullderrr....", her voice hitching at the end, as if holding back a sob. She clutched handfuls of the quilt top, to keep from yanking out fistfuls of his hair.  She was trying to remember to breathe, and trying not to grind her pelvis on his face.  She waited, panting, on the verge of pleading, mouth opening, then he descended.  His lips
covered her from just above her clit to the opening of her
vagina, applying a tugging suction, his tongue snaked out
and flicked at her hood. Her eyes pressed closed, so
tightly that she saw pinpoints of light flashing beneath her lids.  She was making short moaning noises, at times sounding like part of his name, others sounding like prayers to deity.  Her hips began to rock against him, the pressure of suction and increasing tempo of his tongue bringing her to the edge of the precipice. 
"Mul..Mulder...please..ohhh...don't stop...oh, oh , oh,....".  She lost her voice for a second, then she was gone, crying out his name, sobbing out her pleasure, clutching his hair, unmindful of pulling it, just anchoring him to her so she wouldn't lose this contact until she was coming down from her orgasm. He held onto her, rocking with her as she came on his face.  His erection was pressing into the mattress, throbbing for her, waiting for her to come back to him.
He wanted nothing more than to sink into her softness,
but he wanted to be sure that she was with him, that she
saw him, understood what it would mean to him. He pulled away from her, moving up her body taking in
her beautifully flushed face, her slight smile.  She was
so lovely to him, it hurt to look at her.  He kissed her
swollen lips, puffy from his earlier bites, she opened her
mouth, to taste herself on him. 
He closed his eyes on a groan.  How did she know this was one of his fantasies, her drinking her own essence from him?  She wrapped her legs around his waist, her center still throbbing from her orgasm, pulling him closer. She looked up, into his eyes, finally finding her voice.
"Mulder, please...?" 
Power, he felt pure unadulterated power over her. She was begging him, and it felt wonderful.  How long had
he spent afraid to touch her, afraid of her rejection of him?  She really, truly wanted him, wanted this. She was his.
"What Scully? I want to hear you say it."  He focused on
her eyes, watching the sudden shyness there. She arched against him, rubbing her pelvis against his erection, showing him what she wanted, and still he waited.  She rocked her hips forward so that her wetness stroked his length, they both closed their eyes  at the contact.  Still, he waited. Her frustration level was nearing the breaking point. 
She wanted him, but he was enjoying the control he had over her.  She was through waiting.
"Fuck me, Mulder, please?  I want to feel you inside me,
I want you to fill me, come in me, make me whole and take the ache away.  Please, Mulder, I want you more than I want my next breath." She ended on a groan and arched against him again.  His sharp intake of breath told her that she had hit her mark. He slides his hand down to her opening, sliding two fingers into her wetness. She arches again, in surprise, not anticipating this.  His dexterous finders curl into her small ridge, finding that luscious spot then pressing down, causing her shoulders to come off the bed.
"Ah...MULDER!"  She comes again, waves crashing upon waves, her nipples pinched into hard knots, her eyes and mouth open, she gasps for air and falls back into
the mattress. 
He brings his fingers to his mouth, slipping them inside, tasting her, savoring her sweetness. She begins to moan in earnest,
"..Please, Mulder, you, I want you, please.......". He smiles again, a more feral than pleasured look.  She is HIS. He slides his hand down her stomach again, heading for her swollen pussy again. As he makes a downward stroke, over her sensitized clit she cries out.
"No more...Mulder please, you this time, please, please..." she fades off, begging him, not sure if she will stay conscious if he brings her to another orgasm, she's on the verge of hyperventilating as it is. He shows her no mercy. He begins stroking her, she whimpers and moans,
rocking with the movement of his hand, rushing toward
another release, afraid of what will happen when she gets there.
"It's okay, Scully, come to me, baby, don't fight it, I won't let you fall. Your cunt is so beautiful, sweetheart, come to me, I have to watch you again, do it Scully, don't be
afraid, I've got you.." .  His voice trailed off, as she began to moan in earnest again, lolling her head side to side,
panting his name, over and over.
Then she came.
Over and over again. 
 She was going to faint, that was the last coherent thought that ran through her head, then Agent Dana Katherine Scully MD, did the unthinkable.  She fucking swooned in his hands.  Very smooth, girl, she thought, as she came around.  The self satisfied grin on his face was the first thing she saw, when she was able to open her eyes. 
He was very proud of himself.  She thought for a second about getting mad, that he had taken and kept the upper
hand, but squelched it.  She would have her turn, and paybacks are hell, baby.  But not tonight.  Tonight he needed to own her, to take her, to show her that she belonged to him and no other.  She understood it, recognized it for what it was, and surprisingly wasn't frightened by it.  She was ready for him to take possession of her.  She had never allowed anyone else in at this level, and he was the ONE.
She was incapable of movement, or speech.  She lay there, flushed, spent, breathing struggling to return to normal. Then, he made his move. He rose above her, coming up to his knees, spread wide to bring his pelvis down to her level.  Her legs were spread, hooked over his thighs.  She roused, knowing that this was it, and reached for him.  She closed her hand around his throbbing cock, and moaned again.  She couldn't encircle him fully with her fingers, he was that big around. Now she understood where he was going, he was preparing her as much as he could for this.  The more relaxed she was the more he hoped to minimize her discomfort.  She was,  after all, a small woman and a "normal" sized man would have hurt, having been celibate for so long. Someone the size of Fox Mulder might just about kill her. 

When her hand closed around him, his eyes closed briefly, and he groaned her name. She guided him to her opening, and released him, shifting her hips into position.
He leaned down over her, his arms supporting his weight, he didn't move, as his head lay just inside her cunt.  It was all he could do not to thrust into her.
"Dana.." he rasped in her ear, "hold onto me, hold on to me, I don't want to hurt you.." his voice tightened up,
she did as he asked.  She wrapped her arms around him, buried her face in his neck and shifted her hips up to let him know that she was ready. He pushed into her.  One fluid stroke and he was there, buried to the hilt in Scully.  He released a breath he didn't know he was holding as he began to thrust in and out of her. "Scully.....so tight, ahhh you're going to kill me...so good...knew you would be...". 
He murmured on and on, thrusting into her, hitting
her pelvis with each stroke, sending his balls crashing
into her ass each time he hit her. She stretched to accommodate him, feeling like she was splitting in half in the mean time.  She took her face from his neck and laid her head against the bed, to see him.  The friction of his cock dragging her clit along as he thrust into her was too much, she was going to come again, soon.  He looked into her eyes, gauging her reaction.  She understood what he was asking.
"So good, Mulder, so good, ahhh don't stop fucking me, don't ever stop.." . She was panting all over again, this time in tempo with him.  "Harder, Mulder, hit me harder, please, please..". He obliged her, picking up his speed, and snapping his hips. She had to brace her hands on the wall above the bed, thankful now that there was no headboard to knock loose.  He pulled up off of her, bracing himself again on his knees, grasping her hips to
hold her as he slammed into her, his mouth drying up at the site of her breasts bouncing in rhythm. She was wild, she was the epitome of sex, she was his.
"Mine, Scully, all mine, no one else, ever, say it, SAY IT!" He fucked her harder, if that was possible, loving
the way she was quickly turning to jelly beneath him.
"YES, Mulder, yes, yes, yes, yours, only you, only you
forever, no one else, ever, Mulder only you inside me for
the rest of my life....ahhhhh.." as she came she ran
her hands over her breasts and pulled her nipples.  Her
declaration added to the sight of her own hands on her
breasts sent him over the edge.  His orgasm began coiling low in his belly, spiraling upward, exploding into her as he screamed her name.
"Scullyyyyyyy!" He gave a few more disjointed thrusts,
then collapsed on her, taking a few seconds to realize that he was probably crushing her.  They were both spent, damp with perspiration, kissing each other, wherever they could reach. 
He pulled out of her with a groan, and rolled over,
bringing her with him, to curl up at his side. They lay like that for some time, their bodies cooling, the enormity of what they had done settling in on them, but instead of weighing them down, it was setting them free.
"I love you, Scully, you know that right?  I think I have
since the beginning.  Maybe since that night in Oregon when you sat and listened to my life story, without judging me. Anyway, it's been a long time.  I love you more than anything, more than the truth, more than my life..." he trailed off, hoping he wasn't scaring the shit out of her. She chuckled lightly. 
"I know, Mulder, I know you love me.  I just needed to make you face it in yourself, so you would show me.  I'm sorry I frightened you, I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth about my assignment here.  I love you, too. I never wanted to hurt you, just to, I don't know, wake you up.  I have loved you forever, too.  Since...well, since maybe that night, too, when you told me your darkest secrets. 
You told me that nothing else mattered to you, and I was
determined to break through that shell that you had
created, to get inside, to make you care for me.  I
didn't know that it would take so long..." she finished
with a laugh. 
"Only because I am one stubborn son of a bitch.  I love you, and that's all that matters to me now.  Just stay with me, Scully, that's all I ask."  He pulled her closer, his voice dropping to a whisper.
"Always, Mulder, always."


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