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Bad blood between partners

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Title: Bad Blood between Partners
Author: Girlie_girl7
EM: Girlie_girl74@yahoo.com
Date: 06-26-02
Category: M&S post ep.
Spoilers: Bad Blood and slight one for Syzygy.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: They belong to Fox *sigh*
Summary: Imagine the conversation that took place on
the ride back from Chaney, Tx.


                        ~ Bad Blood between Partners ~


Mulder opens the door to his room at the Davey Crockett Motor Court, scratch that, it was the Sam Houston Motor Lodge, and walks toward the rental car.  Scully is already placing her bags into the trunk. Tossing his in next to hers, he slams the trunk lid shut.

Neither agent has said a word to the other since they found themselves in the vacant Rolling Acres RV Camp.

Mulder is brooding and Scully is pissed.  Both have their own suspicions as to the cause of the others disposition.  But they both know it has to do with Sheriff Hartwell.

Mulder pulls out onto the main road, such as it is and heads north.  He flexes his fingers against the steering wheel and tries to work the kinks out of his neck.  Sleeping in the car has wrecked havoc with his back and who knows where the hell Scully spent her night.

Scully for her part sits on her side of the car looking positively miserable.  Her face is turned toward the passenger side window as she occasionally utters a soft sigh.

Finally the tension becomes to much for Mulder. . .


"So, sleep well, Scully?"  Mulder asks as he fiddles with the rearview mirror.

"I guess so."  Scully says looking out the side window.

Mulder is a bit edgy and out of sorts.  "Last time I saw you, you were in the company of Sheriff Hartwell."

"That's right."  Scully sighs leaning against the door frame.

"Scully, I find you looking like an unmade bed and wearing the good Sheriffs coat.  What gives?"

"I'd rather not talk about it, Mulder."  Scully snaps.

"Scully you're going to have to put what happened to you in your report."  Mulder barks back.

"So are you Mulder, and where the hell where you?"

"I was off bronco busting a coffin."

"And you're going to tell Skinner that!"  Scully looks at Mulder incredulously.

"Yes, because it's the truth.  What's your story?"

"Well you left me in the cemetery with 'the good Sheriff' and that's about all I remember."

"You don't recall how you got in the Sheriffs coat?"  Mulder glances over to see Scully's reaction.

"Mulder just what are you implying!"  Scully is pissed.

"Let's just say you never woke up in my coat."  Mulder says with a sarcastic tone.

"I do remember he offered me a hot drink in a cowboy boot cup..."

"A cowboy boot cup?"  Mulder chuckles.

"You gonna interrupt me or let me finish."

"Go ahead."  Mulder waves his hand in the air.

"Anyway, the next thing I know I'm waking up in the Sheriff's car  and he's gone."  Scully is obviously uncomfortable with this.

"How about the coat?" Scully glares at Mulder. 

"Mulder how do you think I ended up in his coat?  It was cold, he left it behind so I put it on but there were no keys in the car, so I walked here."

"See was that so hard?"  Mulder says with relief in his voice.

"And just why the hell do you care, you got us into this mess anyway." Scully is coiled and ready to strike.

"Oh so now its all my fault that you got the hots for Sheriff Buck Teeth!"  Mulder is now seething.

"Hots!  Hots!  Mulder need I remind you about Detective White? I'll bet you enjoyed riding that bucking bronco!"  Scully gives Mulder a testicle shriveling stare but Mulder doesn't back down.

"Scully, Detective White nearly raped me!  It was the planetary alignments.  You know that!"

"What ever, and he did not have big buck teeth."   Scully pouts.

"So you didn't find him attractive?"  Mulder is still digging.

"Well he was tall with a distinguished face.  He had nice soft eyes and maybe a slight overbite."

"Scully you have that sitting right next to you."  Mulder says with a slight smile.

"Right.  There is a big difference Mulder, he acted like he
wanted me."

"And I don't!   Scully, I give you all that you will allow me to." Mulder is feeling hurt.  "I'd let you wear my coat and drink out of my cowboy boot cup."  He says to lighten the mood.

"Mulder, you don't have a cowboy boot cup."  Scully says
with a smile.

"No, but I do have a lean body, nice teeth, and a fabulous
coat."  Mulder charms.

"Gee, Mulder you sound like you're describing a horse."  Scully says with the blush that Mulder finds so attractive.

"Well Scully, is this one bucking bronco you'd like to take for a ride?"  Mulder whispers.

Scully looks into his eyes.  "I only have two words for you Mulder. Yee haw!"

                               ~ The End ~