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Heart shaped peeps

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Title: Heart-Shaped Peeps
Author: Girlie_girl7
EM: girlie_girl74@yahoo.com
Date: 02-02-03
Category: MSR
Spoilers: None
Rating: G
Archive: VS10 for two weeks then anywhere
Disclaimer: Fox owns 'em
Summary: M&S do Valentines Day
                      ~ Heart-Shaped Peeps ~
Dana Scully walks into the office to find her partner
Fox Mulder already there.  She drops a stack of papers
onto her desk and glances over at him.
"Mulder what are you eating?"  Mulder swallows hard,
"Peeps."  Scully furrows her brow,
"Peeps, on Valentine's Day?" Mulder shrugs his shoulders,
"I guess they're Valentine Peeps."  Scully stares at him,
"Then how come they're red and shaped like hearts?"
"I don't know Scully, what do I look like a Peep
inspector?"  Mulder growls as he pops another spongy,
heart-shaped candy into his mouth.
"You look like a man gorging himself on sugar-coated
marshmallows." Mulder tosses another Peep into his mouth. 
 "Well if my 'best girl' would buy me a big ol' box of
chocolates for Valentine's Day I wouldn't be reduced
to eating Peeps."  Scully leans over Mulder with a hand on each arm of his chair. 
 "Mulder, I'd better be your 'only girl' or you might find that Peep shoved where the sun doesn't shine." Mulder leans back away from Scully with a large grin on his face,
"Are you coming on to me Scully?"
"Not with your mouth full of marshmallows I'm not."
Scully plops down on the edge of Mulder's desk with
one slim leg dangling off it. Mulder looks up at her and wiggles his eyebrows,
"I can think of other things I'd rather have in my
"Mulder!" Scully scolds.
"I meant the chocolate," Mulder laughs.
"Sure you did," Scully says as she moves behind Mulder's chair. 
"Speaking of Valentine's gifts just where is mine?"  Scully glances behind the desk and around the room.
"Trust me Scully, you'll get what's coming to you."
"Is that another bad innuendo?"
"No, not this time but I'll have to remember that one." Scully walks in front of Mulder and puts one hand on
her hip and one hand on the back of his chair and looks deeply into his eyes. 
"So did you get me a gift?"
"Of course I did."  Mulder squirms in his chair and holds out his hand, "Sure you don't wanna Peep?" Scully laughs and shakes her head,
"No that's okay."  Mulder pops the last little heart-shaped Peep into his mouth and rubs the sugar from his hands and dress pants. 
"Scully you are gonna love what I got you, in fact you already do."  Scully crosses over to her desk and picks up her mail,
"It has be better than Superstars of the Super Bowl."
"Hey, I put a lot of thought into that gift.  It was either that or Naughty Nel and the Harmonica Player."
"Wise choice Mulder," Scully says leafing through her
mail. Just then there is a knock at the door.  Scully walks
over to answer it.  Before her stands a tall, sandy-redheaded man. 
"Charlie!  Charlie is that you!"  Scully nearly screams as the man scoops her up into his arms.  They stand there in a long, hard hug.  Finally Charlie returns Scully to the floor. 
 "Happy Valentine's Day from Mulder, Sis."  Scully pulls back with a surprised look on her face,
"What?" Charlie grins down at his sister. 
"That's right, I'm your Valentine's Day gift." Mulder finally gets up from his desk and leans into  Scully's ear,
"Happy Valentine's Day Scully.  Isn't this better than Superstars of the Super Bowl."  Scully gives Mulder a quick peck on the lips,
"Another wise choice Mulder."

                          ~ The End ~


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