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Banter after dark

From: ephemeral@ephemeralfic.org
Date: 7 Dec 2001 03:00:26 -0000
Subject: Banter after Dark by Girlie_girl7
Source: direct
Title: Banter after Dark
Author: Girlie_Girl7
Date: 12-12-02
Category: M&S FF
Rating: G
Spoilers: Mulder's the father.
Summary: Mulder and Scully have a little talk.
Disclaimers: CC would never let M&S talk
like this. Fox owns them.
Notes: Oh, and I'm not a 9er.
               ~Banter after dark~
Mulder and Scully have just slipped into bed. Will is bedded down for the night and they can finally relax a little. Scully is laying on her right side with Mulder molded to her form, right behind her. Her head is under his chin and he has his left arm wrapped around her. His right arm is pillowing his head as he fingers strands of her Scully-red hair.
"Mulder, do you smell something?"
"It wasn't me."
"No, I know it wasn't you."
"Then it was Will."
"No it's not Will, it smells good."
"Then it's not coming from this house."
"Mulder! Are you saying our house smells?"
"Scully, we do have a baby, a baby who spits up and pukes and wets, and need I remind you, can fill a dozen diapers a day."
"Okay, maybe it smells just a little."
"It could be the stuff your mom dropped off."
"What stuff?"
"She came by while you were in the shower and dropped off some things."
"What kind of things?"
"A sweater for Will, some cookies and a bag of wood shavings with dried flowers."
"Wood shavings? You mean potpourri?"
"I don't know, I guess so. What's that?"
"It's room freshener, Mulder."
"Then it's for this house."
    ~Minutes of silence fill the dark bedroom~
"Who do you think Will looks like?"
"Mulder! I'm serious."
"So am I Scully. 90% of all babies look like Skinner; bald, myopic, and a silly grin."
"No really Mulder."
"You want me to inventory Will?"
"He has your hair color and those beautiful baby blues of yours. Your nose and my chin and jawline and my ears."
"Your ears?"
"Yeah, my ears."
"How do you know?"
"Scully, they look just like mine."
"Mulder, do you know how difficult it is to see your own ears?"
"Scully, I see them everyday when I'm shaving."
"Yes, but you only see the fronts."
"Well, maybe the left one but the right one is definitely mine."
"He has my long fingers and feet."
"Yes, yes he does, those are yours."
"I guess we'll just have to wait to see who he takes after in personality and temperment. All though he does demand attention."
"Just like his father."
"Scully, I was thinking of you!"
"Yeah, you."
"Oh right, Mr.'I get up moody and it goes down hill from there'."
"Scully, I doubt that you would ever win a 'Miss
Congeniality' contest."
"Cutest little mouth, maybe."
"You think my mouth is cute?"
"Yeah, why do you think I stare at it so much."
"I did wonder at first but I thought maybe it was one
of your little fixations."
"Fixations! Scully, I do not fixate."
"Oh please, Mulder."
"Well, maybe just a little, but you do have a
cute mouth."
"Just like Will's."
"Yeah, just like Will's."
             ~Moments of silence~
"You think we can get a dog, for Will, I mean."
"Mulder! He is only 7 months old! And they don't allow dogs in this apartment."
"When we do get a dog I don't want one of those tiny yappy ones."
"Like the 'Stupendous Yappi'."
"Funny Scully, very funny."
                 ~More silence.~ 
"Mulder, is that your hand?"
"Um huh."
"Well move it!"
"Not tonight Mulder, I'm tired."
"Then why aren't you asleep?"
"Mulder, you won't stop talking."
"Well, I might if I had something to occupy."
"Okay, okay, I'll be good."
"Maybe in the morning."
"See Scully, we never needed those team builder seminars."
"That's good, because we never made it to one."
            ~Several minutes later.
"Mulder, go to sleep."
"Just one more question."
"One more. Okay what is it?"
"What do you think Will will be when he grows up?"
"Happy, I hope."
"Yeah, me too."
"Night Mulder."
"Night Scully."
                    ~The End~


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