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Remembering Marcella

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 For a few years now it's been my great pleasure to know and enjoy the stories, wit and humor of Marcella Shultz , known to her fellow Philes as  girlie_girl74. 
On the 26th May 2005, after a mercifully short battle with cancer, the X files community lost a greatly loved talent and a wonderful person when Marcella sadly passed away.
She had a great sense of humor, a wonderful thrilling wit and was a good friend. I will miss her terribly and beyond that I will miss her entertaining writing.
I'm sure I am with many when I talk about how enjoyable and exciting it was to find a new "Day in the life" post on ephemeral  from her, or be on the recieving end of her kind and helpful feedback.
The stories she wrote for IMTP VS, or with her writing partner FoxfireX. She was a joy to know and a true entertainer and I shall personally miss her very much.
I wanted to create a small memorial on her website that I maintained for her and thought that many people who knew and loved her work may like to post a few thoughts and messages that perhaps at some point later can be sent onto her family and loved ones.
Miss you lots GG, Peace and serentity. You left us a great legacy. 
Your friend 

Xsketch Mulder very kindly gave me permssion to use her excelent video "Somebody Else"  It's a William orientated music Video and it brings a lump to the throat because when I hear/see this it always reminds me of GG's 'Day in the Life Series.' I thought it would be perfect to include this on her site as part of our rememberance of Geeg and the way her work uplifted so many of us.
Thanks Tasha, It's a perfect companion for Marcella's writing and I think she' would have loved it if she had seen it.
Music By Ronan Keating.
(click on the picture to play the Video. You will need the latest Real Player or Windows media player. 6.89meg)  


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