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It's with great regret and sadness that I have to tell you that Girlie_girl74  has lost her mercifully brief battle  with cancer . I shall miss her as a friend and as a fellow X files fanfic writer. She will very much be missed by everyone who knew her sense of humor and talent for story telling.
I will be giving this site a big face lift over the weeks to come as a permanent memorial to a wonderful person.
If you would like to leave some thoughts and words for her family, friends and extended X files family, I have set up a book of condolence.

Marcella has sadly passed away
Here's a book of condolence for messages and thoughts.


Coming soon. Day in the life series



Welcome to Foxfire and Girlygirl's website
Here you'll learn all about us: Our interests and hobbies, and X files fanfic and more. I've even included a list of my favorite links to other sites.

On our home page, we'll introduce ourselves and talk our passion for The X files.We might add some pictures from teh show on this site and some of our fanfic, written both singularly and together. Please bear with us as this is a brand new website, we are new at it and  its going under some heavy construction at the moment. The look might change a bit over the next few weeks.  F&G


What's New?

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