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Title: Why
Author: Girlie_girl7
EM: Girlie-girl74@yahoo.com
Category: silliness
Spoilers: Pilot

                        ~ Why ~

I love the Pilot and think it is one of the best X
Files episodes but I also feel that they left out a
key scene.  *grins* This had to take place at some point before Scully left Mulder's office that first day . . .

Dana Scully turns to leave Fox Mulder's office but
hesitates and with a puzzled look on her face speaks up.

"Agent Mulder."


"Why X?"

"Why what, Agent Scully."

"Why X, why not U?"

"Why not me?"

"No, not me, why not U?"

"Why not you?"

"Yes, why not U, why X?"

"It's not UYX."

"I know its not UYX it's X, why?"

"No it's just X not XY."

"I know it's not XY, why X, why not U?"

"It's not XYYXY, it's just X!  Oh hell, you got the


"Get out!"

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