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Laughter is the best medicine

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Title: Laughter is the Best Medicine
Author: Girlie_girl7
EM: Girlie_girl74@yahoo.com
Rating: PG
Date: 12-12-02
Category: family fic
Spoilers: Existence then AU
Archive: Anywhere
Disclaimer: They belong to Fox

                   ~ Laughter is the Best Medicine ~

Fox Mulder hits the front door covered in sweat and feeling like shit.  He hasn't felt well all day.  He stands just inside the door; not a sound is heard.  No Scully calling out, 'good to see you're home', no drooling William saying, Da!  He is alone to suffer in silence.
He sheds his tie immediately, next to go is his suit jacket
followed by his shirt and shoes.  By now he's made his way to the bedroom.  He drops his trousers in a heap and pulls off his socks then lands face down on the big cool bed.
< Damn I must have a fever and where is Scully when I need her. > 
"Scully!"  Mulder is doing a poor imitation of Stanley
Kowalski in Streetcar Named Desire, still no answer.  "Scully!" He manages to burrow under the top sheet and blankets. < If I could just get warm.  Is it feed a fever and starve a cold or starve a fever and feed a cold, Scully would know. >  "Scully! Where is she."
< Dammit, that hurts.  I gotta remember not to do that again. Where did they go?  She should be here taking care of me.  She knows I was coughing this morning.  She just doesn't care.  I might as well be dead. >
<That would serve her right; come home and find me dead from some horrible disease.  She'd think twice about leaving me in the future.  Mulder's mind is now working in mysterious ways.>
Hearing the front door open and shut he perks up then estimates the time it will take Scully to realize he isn't there and follow the trail of clothing to the bedroom.
"Ohhhh," he lets out a moan and a small cough. Scully stares down at the lump lying in her bed. 
"Mulder, what's wrong?" she says sitting Will on the floor.
"Scully.  Is that you?" Mulder groans. Scully sits on the edge of the bed and pulls back the blanket. "I don't feel well."  Mulder shifts under the blanket so he can face her.
Scully feels his forehead.
 "You do feel warm.  Let me take your temperature."  She places her hand on Will's head to steady him as she slides past him headed for the bathroom. Mulder calls out to his son in a weak voice,
"William, Will come here." Will slowly walks over to Mulder who lifts the little boy up to sit on the bed next to him.  Will offers Mulder a wet finger then he frowns and babbles something in loud baby profanity as Mulder has come to call it.  Mulder tries to laugh but his sore throat hurts too much. "Will if I pass away, you look after your mother."
"Mulder stop that!  You are not going to die," Scully says
returning with the thermometer.
"But I feel like it," Mulder whines.
"Stop it!  That isn't something to joke about."  Scully places the thermometer in Murder's ear.
"Sorry Scully," Mulder feels guilty, "but I do feel bad," he softly adds.
"As well you should," Scully says looking down at the thermometer, "with a temperature of 99.2."
"Is that all!  I mean, are you sure it's working because I feel much worse than 99.2." Will sits next to Mulder, his big blue-eyes wide open while he chews on his fingers and hiccups.
"If you are sick, you'll be contagious and I don't want Will getting it," Scully says quickly scooping up the baby.
"No Scully, he's already been exposed, leave him here with me. I need the companionship," Mulder moans.
"But you're sick Mulder and shouldn't be bothered," Scully ruefully says. Mulder holds out his arm and lets it drop off the side of the bed as if he were too weak to carry on. 
"Sculllleeeeee." Scully has to smile at this little drama,
"Okay, Will can stay but just until I get dinner ready.  What do you feel up to eating?" Mulder coughs,
"Soup." Scully turns away just as Mulder adds, "And maybe a turkey sandwich with the crust cut off, because the crust will scratch my throat and some hot tea, and if its not too much trouble some pudding with bananas cut up in it."
"Mulder you sure you have a cold and not a tape worm?" Scully sighs.
"You're the doctor you tell me," Mulder coughs. Mulder rolls over on his side with Will sitting on the bed in the
curve of his body.  The baby turns to look at Mulder and slowly pulls one finger out of his mouth, poking his father in the chest with it, he says,
"That's right," Mulder says, half-laughing and half-coughing.  Will grins at him and slaps him in the face.  "Hey there buddy, enough of that!"  Will lays down on his side mimicking his father. Mulder puts the sheet over Will's face and then pulls it off saying
"Peek-a-boo."  Will giggles' so Mulder does it again.  Will giggles' even more this time.  Soon William is pulling the sheet off his face himself and screaming in laughter at the words 'peek-a-boo'. Mulder stops laughing and rolls onto his back.  Will rolls onto his back too.  Mulder sighs, "Okay Will that's enough peek-a-boo
for awhile your old man needs his rest.
Will's breathing finally returns too normal after all the cackling that he's been doing.  He looks over at his father and Mulder laughs and Will looks away again.  This goes on until Will is just so tired that he can't move. Scully can hear all the laughing and giggling that has been going
on in the bedroom and figures Mulder can't be too sick.   She fixes Mulder's soup and sandwich as he requested and places a pot of tea on a tray.  She takes it to the bedroom that is suddenly far too quiet.  She can hear faint whispers and soft chuckles as she rounds the corner.
Scully sets the tray on the dresser and says,
"All right what have you two been up to?" Mulder laughs,
 "Scully watch this.  Okay Will, stand still son." He stands William in the middle of the bed then pretends to draw
a gun and with a grin on his face shouts, "bang!"  With that Will falls flat on his face on the bed. Scully is appalled,
"Mulder! What do you think. . ." Just then Mulder interrupts,
"No watch this, this part is really good."  Will rolls over and points his finger at Mulder and yells,
"Bag!" Both father and son are caught up in screams of laughter.  Mulder picks up Will and says,
"Pretty fancy shootin' from the prone position." Scully is furious!  She storms out of the room and slams the
bathroom door.  A surprised look covers both Mulder and Will's faces. "I guess I should have taught you how to shoot from the hip first." Mulder laughs and so does Will not sure why though.

Scully finally returns to the bedroom, her anger now under control.  She sees the tray void of all food.  Mulder and Will are lying back on the pillows.  She takes the tray and turns to leave the room when she hears Mulder whisper,
 "Go ahead."  Suddenly Will screams,
"Feeze!"  Mulder roars with laughter and Will screams "Feeze," again and he too laughs, unsure why his is laughing but laughing along with his father none the less.
Scully clinches her jaw and turns around to find both Mulder and Will with their hands in the air.  Even Scully has to laugh at the sight of these two but only for a second.
"Mulder why do you teach him such things," Scully frowns.
"Aw Scully," Mulder whines, "it's just fun and Will doesn't even realize what's going on."  Then Mulder gets up, "Sit with him while I use the bathroom." Mulder returns to find Scully sitting next to Will on the bed. 
"Mulder, you're right I did over react, I'm sorry." Scully gets up and picks up the baby to dress him for bed. When she gets to the door she turns around and says, "Say good night to dad, William," she then whispers, "tell him."
Will shouts,
"Ni, ni 'pooky." Mulder frowns as Scully quickly leaves the room,
"That is NOT  funny!"

                            ~ The End ~

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