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The "shots" heard around the world

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From: ephemeral@ephemeralfic.org
Date: 15 Mar 2002 00:28:58 -0000
Subject: A Shot Heard \'Round The World by Girlie_girl7
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Title: The 'Shots' Heard Round the World
Author: Girlie_Girl7
Date: 02-22-02
Category: Baby ff, M&S
Spoilers: How should I know, I'm not a 9'er.
Disclaimers: All of these characters belong to Fox, but
I would treat them better.
Summary: Scully and Maggie take Will to the doctor.
A car pulls up in front of an apartment building in
Georgetown. Out comes a woman carrying a diaper bag and
a baby carrier holding a very precious cargo, her son.
Maggie Scully gets out of the car, moving around to open
the door for her daughter.
"Thanks for taking us," Scully says, buckling Will's carrier
into the back seat.
"That's okay honey, where is Fox?"
"He couldn't go," Scully says, tugging on the seat belt,
settling Will in.
"Is he sick?"
"Not exactly," Scully murmurs, getting into the front
seat and shutting the door.
Maggie starts the car, glancing over at her daughter waiting
for further explination.
"He, he can't stand to see Will cry when he gets his
Scully says pulling her seat belt over her shoulder.
"Dana, he's an FBI agent, he's seen a lot worse things,"
Maggie says, somewhat amazed.
"But this is his son we're talking about here," Scully smiles.
"What is he going to do when Will skins his knee?"
"Mulder says that's why it's a good thing I'm a doctor."
Will sits' in his car seat, chewing on his fist, kicking his
feet and generally entertaining himself.
Maggie pulls away from the curb and into the flow of
traffic, glancing back at her grandson.
"He's getting so big Dana."
Scully looks back over her shoulder at the toothy grin
Will gives' her.
"Yes he is," Scully sighs. "Mulder usually ends up carrying
him, he's just too big for me."
Maggie pulls up to a corner as a man crosses in front of them.
"Da!" Will excitedly says', pointing at the man.
"No Will, that's not dad."
"Da!" The little boy insists.
Scully and Maggie both laugh.
"At least this time he has the right gender. Last time we visited
the bureau he said that to a female security guard."
The man passes and Maggie and Scully continue on.
Maggie leans over, "Dana, I still don't know why you wouldn't
tell me Fox was the father."
Scully draws her gaze from the side window to her mother.
"Mom would you have told your mother something like that before
 you told dad? I just wanted to tell Mulder first." Scully,
looking down at her hands adds, "besides I knew I had to tell
you I was pregnant. He just deserved to hear he was going to be
a father before anyone else."
"But why didn't you tell me after the funeral?"
"I guess I never gave up hope," Scully says, glancing over at
 Will. "Something in me just kept hoping."
"Dana, I know you tend to keep things bottled up and it isn't
 good for you."
"I know mom, Mulder and I have talked about that."
"Dana, he's there for you; lean on him when you need to. He's
so good to you and a wonderful dad."
"Da!" Will chimes' in. Both women laugh and Will laughs right
along with them. 
"Oh yeah, you're a daddy's boy!" Scully smiles at Will as he
gives her a toothy grin in return.

Maggie pulls into the parking lot next to the doctors office.
Scully gets out and opens the back door. She unsnaps Will
from his car seat as he lunges at her. Scully giggles, scooping
him up. "Mo,mo," he babbles as he pats her face.
Scully tries to pull away from his little hands but he's too quick
for her.

Maggie grabs the diaper bag as Scully pulls a blanket over Will's
head. He growls and thrashes about. "He hates being covered up."
"I can see that," Maggie smiles, holding the door open.
Scully goes to the check-in desk then takes a seat next to Maggie.
Will finally manages' to get the blanket off, immediately wanting
down to play with the other kids.
"No you don't," Scully says, holding him tight. "These kids are
sick Will, I don't need you down again."
Maggie tries to defuse the situation. "Here Will, come to
grandma," holding out her hands to take the baby, "You want
to play with your toys?"
Maggie pulls out a ring of plastic keys, a rubber duck, and a
tiny book.
Will points' to the book and shouts, "Da!"
Others in the room turn their heads to look at the small boy.
"Shhhh.Will," Scully says, trying to hush him up. "Mulder reads
to him from that book."
"Okay Will, sit still and I'll read to you."
Maggie begins to read as Will settles down and listens
"Dana," a nurse calls out.
Scully takes Will from Maggie and pulls the ring of keys from
his hands. He frowns at her and tries to grab them back. "No,
no Will, leave these with grandma."
Scully walks through the maze of crawling, crying, and sniffling
kids to the examining room.

Maggie continues to look at the tiny book she had been reading
to Will. Suddenly she hears a chirping sound coming from the
diaper bag. It's Scully's cell phone. Picking it up, Maggie
tentatively opens it.
<Where's Dana?>
"She's got Will in for his checkup."
Maggie laughs at Mulder's trepidation.
"I'm sorry Fox, they're just running a little late."
<So.you don't know anything yet?>
"Fox, it's just a checkup and his baby shots."
<Shots!> Maggie can hear Mulder wince.
"Do you want Dana to call you when they get done?"
<No, no, that's okay Maggie. Thanks anyway. Goodbye.>
"Goodbye Fox," Maggie says, chuckling as she closes the phone.
Maggie finishes reading the little book plus two magazines
and a booklet on pre-natal health care before Scully emerges,
holding a whimpering Will. Maggie gets up, going to the front
desk to meet Dana, who is talking to the receptionist and
signing papers.
Maggie takes a teary-eyed Will from Dana while the little
boy rubs his nose with his fist.
"Careful mom, his bottom is sore."
"Come here honey. Do you feel bad?" Maggie asks, holding
him around the waist, resting his thighs on her bent arm
to keep his bottom safe from being bumped.
Scully puts down the pen and turns to her mother,
"Okay mom, all done. Let's get his coat on him."
Maggie carries the cranky baby back to their seats.
 Scully takes Will and wipes his tears away.
"Good thing your daddy wasn't here," Scully says,
shoving Will's arm into his jacket sleeve.
"He called."
"What!" Scully asks incredulously.
"Fox. He called while you were in with Will."
"What did he want?"
Maggie laughs and shakes her head, "I'm not sure he wanted
anything Dana, except to know Will was okay."
"He does tend to be over-protective."
"Oh and you don't."
"That's different," Scully says as she zips up Will's coat.
"I'm his mother."
Maggie smiles at her daughter as Scully tries to ignore
her knowing full well she's lost this argument.
Scully lifts Will into her arms, placing the blanket around
him. She knows he's too fussy to cover up and have to deal with
his wrath. He is definitely a Mulder-baby.
She can see so much of his father in his personality even if
he does favor her in looks.
Maggie holds the door open for Dana while Will looks' around and
whimpers, chewing on his fingers.

There is a man with tossled hair, an open leather jacket and
sunglasses on, leaning against their car. His hands are thrust
into the pockets on his jeans, hiding them from the cold. He
looks down, shuffling his feet.
Just then Will spies the man, pointing a wet finger at him
and screaming,"Da!"
Scully looks up as Will lunges' forward, his arms spread wide.
"Mulder, what are you doing here?"
Mulder scoops up Will and tosses the giggling baby into the air
with Will grabbing handfuls of Mulder's hair on his way down.
"Hey buddy! How you feeling?"
Will squirms and twists in Mulder's arms. A blush creeps up
Mulder's face as he kisses Will's head. "I was just in the
Maggie smiles at him while Scully just gives him 'the look'.
"Sure you were Mulder," Scully says as she grabs his arm while
trying to pull Will's hood up. Will is having none of this.
Mulder bends down so Scully can tie the hood but Will isn't
happy with the intrusion.
"Come on Will, let mom tie your hood."
Scully's nimble fingers manage to tie the strings before
Will can jerk away.
"Hello Fox."
"Hi Maggie," Mulder says as Will pats his face and
repeats, "Da, da."
Mulder grins and pulls down the tiny hand that is patting
him, rubbing it to keep it warm.
"So Mulder, what are you really doing here?" Scully asks knowing
the answer but wanting to hear what he comes up with.
"I thought I'd give you and your mom a break and take my buddy
here with me to see the Gunman." Mulder says hefting the little
boy higher into his arms.
"Dana," Maggie chimes in, "why don't we run to the mall. I've
been wanting to look for a new spring coat. Let's just make a
day of it."
Mulder looks at Maggie with a sense of relief.
"Okay," Scully sighs, "but don't keep him out too late Mulder.
He's still cranky from his shots."
"I'm use to dealing with cranky," Mulder teases as he winks
at Maggie.
Grabbing the diaper bag from Maggie, Mulder soon has Will
settled into his car seat.
Scully leans in the open door, kissing Will and tugging on the
seat belt, making sure it's secure.
"Take care of my baby Mulder," she says closing the door.
"Oh I will Scully, I always do."
Mulder moves around the car, jumping into the front seat and
starting the engine.
Scully knocks on the window and Mulder rolls it down. "Oh and
Mulder, don't let Frohike feed him."
"I won't."
Scully leans in and kisses Mulder,"Have fun."
Mulder rolls up the window and leans over, saying something to
Will. Scully can't hear him but she's pretty sure it's a
derogatory remark about shopping.
Maggie and Scully watch as the two men in Scully's life pull
away from the curb.
"Fox certainly does love that child," Maggie says as she watches
Mulder continue to chatter away at Will.
"Yes he does," Scully says not turning away until the car is
out of sight. "In fact, he's pushing for us to have another one."
"That's great honey."
"I'm not so sure mom, I already have two kids in the house;
ones just a little bigger and messier than the other."
Maggie grabs Scully by the arm. "Well they're both cute."
"Yes they are," Scully agrees.
Maggie and Dana walk to their car; Maggie unlocks it and
the two women get in.
"Mom, did you really need a spring coat or are you just
getting Mulder off the hook?"
"Dana, what ever do you mean?" Maggie laughs as they pull out
 of the parking lot, heading toward the mall.
                        ~The End~

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